Friday, July 04, 2008


Does Blogging in Your Head Count?

I blog every day, really--just most of the time it is in my head. Maybe before blogs this was just our thoughts and now we think of our thoughts as type with pictures. For instance, yesterday I was using some miso dressing on a salad and thought "oh, this would be a good one to share," and mentally wrote the recipe down and thought of a lead. Or, while I was traveling in Tampa last week and discovered that all along I could have been ordering my hot tea with seamed milk not just ordinary pour-from-the-pitcher milk. Or, the recipe for grilled coleslaw hat I made when my family cam to visit. Or, how lately I sit in the back pasture and watch our goats eat with such gusto it makes one envious.

I think the biggest culprit of my lack of posts is abandoning my treasured balanced life to write a book and work on a TV show. My lunches have been rushed boring affairs with little imagination. All my creative energy has been poured into other things and my soul is suffering for it. Its time to TAKE BACK LUNCH!

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