Sunday, March 23, 2008


Always Trust a Foodie

A few weeks ago I traveled to the Seattle area. My first stop was a visit with Jake and Ande, a couple that started the supper club in which my husband and I used to participated for many years until everyone moved away. The first thing we did was, of course, lunch. Jake took me to his favorite spot near his office where he works. Apparently none of his coworkers will go there because the food is too weird. He works at Amazon so one might think that his coworkers would be a little more adventurous, plus this is apparently the spot where all the cool Asian professional baseball players hang out. The restaurant features Thai, with American fusion overtones—which makes it sound regal—it’s the neighborhood bar. I had the hamburger steak. The hamburger had onions and probably some breadcrumb mixed in and was topped with graded radish. It was served with a small salad with corn, peppers, with Thai dressing made of sesame oil, chilies, sugar, rice vinegar and soy (I'm guessing here), a small pile of pasta mixed with ketchup, and steamed rice. The meal was out of this world, even the ketchup-laden pasta. I thought the rice was overkill, but there was so much dressing left on the plate that I dumped the rice on top and ate it as dessert. Always trust a foodie to point you in the right direction.

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